BID CCTV System Begins Operation

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The CCTV system has officially begun operation at key points on the Estate. Two cameras are now fully functional. One is covering the Junction of Levenside Road and Burroughs Way. The second is at the junction of at Boxes and Packaging and Strathleven House.

The BID system is registered with Information Commissioner’s Office as is required by law. The system is only accessed by persons fully SIA* licenced. They are suitably trained and fully operationally competent and legally compliant.

A third camera will be installed in the coming weeks at the entrance to the Estate.

These three cameras will then provide coverage of the vehicle exists and entrances and the main traffic ways on the site.

In the coming months a forth camera will be installed at the corner of Block 2 covering much of that Block and the car parking space in front of those units.

*Security Industry Authority

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