Vale of Leven Industrial Estate Business Improvement District – Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ Why establish a Business Improvement District on Vale of Leven Industrial Estate?

A/ Because the Estate was in a state of visible decline and in danger of becoming un-viable. We want to maintain and sustain Vale of Leven Industrial Estate as a place of choice for businesses large and small to locate to. We also want to ensure that existing companies remain on the site, invest and continue to create employment.

Q/ Isn’t the BID a poor substitute for the Council or the Government doing this work?

A/ Absolutely not. Lets’ be quite clear, the BID is an entirely private sector led and run initiative. Whilst the BID companies want to work closely with the public sector, we believe that it is really important that businesses lead the way. They know whats’ needed and are in day-to-day contact with other businesses, customers and suppliers.

Q/ What is the BID trying to achieve?

A/ In a sentence we are trying to ensure that Vale of Leven Industrial Estate is a place that people love to come to work on; a place where that people want to base their business in, and where people come to find world class products and companies.

Q/ How was the BID Levy of 3% per occupying business arrived at?

A/ A lot of consideration was given to setting a Levy rate that would raise just enough money to carry out the list of improvements but at the same time be affordable for all of the businesses. The vast majority of businesses pay £25.00 per month. That’s 0.27p per day or £1.92 per week as a contribution to an extensive improvement programme. We believe that this represents good value for money.  The largest businesses are paying around £500.00 per month.

Q/ How long will the VoLIE BID Last for?

A/ The VoLIE BID will last for 3 years, from July 2014 till June 2017

Q/ How was the BID Area selected?

A/ The BID Area was selected after an extensive consultation exercise with local businesses and with reference to the area which is exclusively commercial and non-residential. The BID Area is that which has been defined as an industrial estate since the late 1940’s it is self-contained and defined by common geographical boundaries, including the river Leven and the areas of mature woodland.

Q/ How was the VoLIE BID Company Board of Directors recruited?

A/ Right after the ballot approved the establishment of the BID all the businesses were lettered inviting them to nominate a candidate for election as a Director of the company. It was emphasised that anyone eligible to pay the BID Levy could stand. Indeed they could nominate themselves or they could nominate a proxy candidate to fulfil the role.

Q/ When will I start to notice something changing?

A/ From August several key improvements should come together and create noticeable change. Some ground improvements have been made, bushes cleared, and long-grass cut back. Dumped rubbish and fly-tipping has been collected and disposed.